It is my pleasure to introduce you to ThomasPartners™ and to our philosophy; our financial planning and investment services.

Whether in the planning or portfolio execution process, it is very important to recognize that investment markets do not lend themselves to precise and certain predictions; they are volatile and, at times, irrational. One need only recall the broad market breakdown that occurred in 2008; no amount of good diversification protected investors from bad volatility. Effective financial plans and truly sound investment strategies, therefore, have to prepare investors for what might happen; not just try to predict what will happen.

ThomasPartners strives to prepare our clients for all possible market environments, not just those we favor. This is the distinguishing characteristic of our firm. Like others, we are careful stock pickers and we employ broad asset class allocation in an effort to exploit growth. Like others, we employ industry sector and style diversification in an effort to mitigate risk. But, unlike others, we also create and nurture significant, recurring, and growing portfolio dividend income streams; dividend income streams that continue to deliver positive returns which can provide certain financial stability during periods when stock-picking, asset allocation, and diversification do not.


Gregory N. Thomas, Founder & Chief Investment Strategist


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