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Invest in the power of dividend growth—with ThomasPartners®.

ThomasPartners® invests in companies that pay dividends—with the goal of growing those dividends in the future.

ThomasPartners strives to prepare our clients for all possible market environments, not just those we favor. This is the distinguishing characteristic of our firm. Like others, we are careful stock pickers employing industry sector diversification in an effort to mitigate risk,. But, unlike others, we also endeavor to create and nurture recurring, and growing portfolio dividend income streams that we believe will continue to deliver positive returns.

If you're looking for an investment that seeks to deliver a regular, growing stream of dividend income now and in the future, the ThomasPartners Dividend Growth Strategy may be right for you.

Investment goals

The strategy strives to provide investors with a reliable source of income, designed to keep pace with inflation over time. Learn more about its three investment goals.

Investment Approach

ThomasPartners invests in companies that pay dividends and have the ability to grow those dividends annually, even in down markets. Learn more about its investment approach.

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